Friday, April 11, 2008

Kobe: Taking Risks or Being Reckless....

So, it's like almost 1 a.m. and my arse is still up. As fate would have it, I am on YouTube, and just as I am about to finally go to bed, I come across this vid:

Now some people seem to think that this is all fake, and that there was some green screen of the car and outside, but I don't know, this looks pretty darn real to me. But considering that this is the first season the Lakers have a real chance to go past the first round of the playoffs, I ask, should Kobe have risked getting seriously injured to do this stunt? Was whatever amount of money Nike (obviously paid him to do it) worth it? I mean this was just a week and half ago.

See this is what I get for being up way past my bedtime, who am I kidding, I have never gone to bed early. But still, this video is way better than watching an hour of those two ladies try to sell mantoys on Shop Erotic...LOL!

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