Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Republican FUDGET!

Ever since, we watched the GOP criticize Obama's budget plans, call him a Communist and a Socialist, and then sit back to see how the media would spin it, I kept asking the question: "Where is your budget?"

As if President Obama heard me, Tuesday evening during his press conference, he pretty much said the same thing. "They have criticized my recovery plan without offering one themselves." I thought, "YEAH!" However, when YOU are the minority party and YOU are greatly responsible for getting the country in this mess. The only thing you can do, is fall back and wait until the opportunity presents itself for an alternative. In fact, one could say that President Obama baited the GOP somewhat by making the comment that they offered no alternative. The pundits thought there was no way though, that they would actually take the bait...

Then today, the GOP holds a press conference (that they were late for) in which they very briefly talked about the 18-page document that they called the Republican Road to Recovery. This proposal barely had any numbers in it, of which they offered to get into more detail sometimes next week, which at this point is in four days. I don't think I can take anymore buffoonery from that party. Millions of people are out of work, the economy is going to hell in a handbasket and the biggest figures in their plan, gives a 10% increase in tax cuts to the rich. I AM OFFICIALLY DONE!

Anyone who can still admit to being a member of the Republican party is a CHODE! Yes, I said chode, courtesy of Beavis & Butthead.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

De Ja Vu - the Justin Timberlake Edition!

Okay, so it is no secret, I haven't really been a fan of JT since the whole '04 Superbowl incident. Yes, I believe that he LEFT JANET HANGIN! And so should anyone else, who watched that tomfoolery take place, and middle American society basically have an aneurysm from it. The image of him holding three pieces of material from Janet's outfit is embedded in the dome.

Fast forward to 2009. Ciara is desperately trying to promote her upcoming album, so after basically two singles that flopped, she decides to drop the cut she has with JT. It has been about two, maybe even three years since she dropped her last album. Amid rumors of her alleged relationship with 50 Cent, a very revealing spread in Vibe Magazine and a notorious haul to reinvent herself, in "Love, Sex and Magic," her sexuality is almost overkill.

At first glance/listen, the song is decent. A nice radio-friendly track that I am sure will get lots of play on the dance stations. Whether or not the urban market will grab a hold of this remains to be seen. I kind of feel for Ciara, because it is hard to make that girl to a woman jump, and let's face it, prior to this year, her fan base was greatly the 6-16 market. Now she is trying to appeal to grown folks. The problem is that while us, grown folk love a nice video and song on the radio, it's the a great live performance that will make us loyal. Considering that I have seen Ciara perform live quite a few times, and all of them were bad at best, I am not so sure, she will be able to grab the adult market.

But what struck me in this video was the parallel to Janet Jackson. She has made no secret about her constant Janet-inspired style. Although, this video almost looks like a Beyonce knockoff with the shades and the bodysuit and stockings. But watching her play-by-play with Timberlake, the Superbowl came crashing back to me. Their chemistry is forced. The choreography is always good, but at times Ci Ci comes off a little masculine. While the song is solid and the video is entertaining, I don't know if America, especially the urban market can deal with JT schmoozing another sista in the industry with blatant sexual interest in a song. Time will tell.

I wonder what Jessica Biel thinks of the vid?

Cockblocking...the Keri Hilson Edition!

Amber Rose, Kanye West's (sometimes she's straight, sometimes she's gay) girlfriend better watch out, because Ye and Keri were getting it in, in her new video, "Knock You Down," featuring Ye and Ne-Yo.

The song is not exceptional, but it is tolerable. Personally it would be a lot better without Ne-Yo. This track would have been banging with The Dream! With all of that said, I couldn't help but notice the chemistry between Ye and Keri...hmmmmm, I'm sure we'll hear about more of this.

Aww DAD!

Ever since Michael and Juanita Jordan divorced, their middle child, Marcus Jordan has been lending his skill to Chicago's premier magnet high school, Whitney Young College Prep. This weekend they went to the Illinois Class 4A Championships, and Mike sat in the bleachers and watched his son contribute 19 points that put Young in the lead and eventually the win.

As his son and his teammates ran and jumped up and down on the court celebrating, he tearfully watched before exiting the game. Awwwwwww!

What a great dad!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cockblocking BIOTCH...LMAO!

Okay, so I found out about these guys a couple of months ago, and they are hilarious. David Spates and John Ollie are two up and coming comedians who have a sleugth of videos on YouTube and have become YouTube stars.

Check out their latest videos in their COCKBLOCKING series!

Do men really do this kind of stuff to each other???

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Someone Please Call 911!

Now all of us have had a bad experience at Mickey D's! Plain and simple, McDonald's is notorious for workers with bad attitudes, bad food, hot coffee with lids that come off, etc. However this woman calling 911 because they didn't have nuggets or the McDouble available takes the cake.

First of all, why did she give them her money if they didn't have what she wanted? Normally, you order, they ring you up, then you give them your money. Secondly, let's say we believe her story that all of this took place and that the lady came back and said, "Oops we don't have what you want." I have never heard of McDonald's refusing to give someone their money back for food you didn't eat! Now that I think about it, I probably would have lost it if they didn't give me my money back. But calling 9-1-1 doesn't solve anything. Call corporate, call a regional office, etc. Clearly she wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but at least it was entertaining!