Thursday, April 3, 2008

Foot Fetish!

It is no secret I love great shoes, and there are some incredible finds as we move further into spring and into the summer season. Maybe it's because half of the shoes I see that I think are incredible I could never actually wear, but between designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Christian Louboutin and Fendi, stars such as Beyonce and Alicia Keys have had a tight shoe game over the past year.

Beyonce wore these Roberto Cavalli wedges and they were an instant hit!

Alicia Keys wore some stunners at Live Earth Day last summer...what do you think?

Beyonce shut down Vegas in these Dior calfskin slingbacks a few months back!

Alicia rocked Superbowl weekend in these Fendi platforms!

My personal favorite, shoes that offer a little TOE CLEAVAGE! Beyonce flashes the cleave in these Christian Louboutin's!

More Roberto Cavalli

Jimmy Choo

Steve Madden & Guiseppe Zanotti

Jessica Simpson

And the Christian Louboutin "Foxtrot" slingback Beyonce made famous!

These are just a few looks, more shoes to come...


T.C. said...

you totally SPEAK to me!!!! I just saved pics of some HOT shoes that are MUST buys this and bags, shoes and bags...and TRUST me i have NO need NOR room for logical need that is...but isn't it logical that we MUST have shoes for the season that we can't possibly be required to repeat the same shoes and ONLY the same shoes but rather that we should be able to add to our personal shoe boutiques that is our closet...

okay as you can see i am totally passionate about shoes!

Miss Nubian said...

Girl, me too. I think it is in a woman's makeup to LOVE shoes, there are so many different styles for us, I don't see what the problem is to embellish a little bit. The sad part is we will build entire outfits around a pair of shoes...I love it!