Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gas Stinks!

And no I am not talking about the bodily kind. I am just so sick of these gas prices. I have been in denial the past week as the gas has steadily creeped up to the highest it has been this year. It is basically sitting around four bucks. I will usually make the ten minute trip to Indiana to try to get a discount, but at around $3.50, IN isn't much better.


This just further showcases my frustration with our government. Again, explain to me how do we invade an oil-rich country and our gas prices go up? Aren't we winning according to Dubya? Well then gas should be at its lowest. I put $30 in my car, and my gas tank was not full, and I might add, it wasn't all the way on Empty.

As you can see my tank is barely at 3/4 of a tank! While I am not driving a Chevy Aveo or some other small gas-friendly car, I am in a car (Sonata) and not an SUV, so $30 should fill my tank.

This has got to end! And to top it off, an alleged homeless lady approached me. Usually, I am quick to give, but personally I don't think gas stations are the best places for people to beg anymore. We are paying too much at the pump. They better find a new spot, because at these prices we'll be joining them.

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