Monday, March 31, 2014

The POP-UP???

So, there comes a time in every relationship, where the issue of how often your significant other can slide through to see you comes up. At what point can they just drop in, without a prior phone call or text? And, what do you do, if they call or text you, you tell them you're busy and they still come over?

On the latest episode of That Guy, Mike, who has been having some issues with his on-again/off-again girlfriend Denise, decides to pop-up at her crib. Now, he already called and spoke with her and she told him that she was busy and would have to get back with him. So, then he proceeded to blow up her phone with subsequent text messages and calls, until finally, he popped up over her house.

In the same episode, Judah (Mike's roommate and best friend)decides to pop-up on Stacy, his ex. Not only is Stacy his ex, but she has been dating one of his friends.

Check out the episode and leave your thoughts on what happens when you decide to just "pop-up" on folks for your own personal benefit.