Thursday, April 10, 2008

Excuse me, but are you wearing...

I decided to do a blog about men's cologne because some of the fragrances out there deserve some credit for making quite a few men look better than they actually do. I have always been a connoisseur of things that smell good. Often I find myself recommending fragrances to other women, and I definitely will memorize a masculine smell if it is pleasing to my nostrils.

There are classic fragrances out there that will always be popular:

Cool Water



But there are also a few hotter fragrances, some newer, that deserve honorable mention. These are scents mags can't stop writing about and are usually a plus with the ladies...



Diesel Fuel for Life

Dolce & Gabbana

Jean Paul Gaultier

Narciso Rodriguez

However, even with those wonderful scents, there a few scents some old some new that women salivate over. These are fragrances that no matter what woman I came across, regardless of race, age or status, they LOVED these fragrances.

Unforgivable by Sean John
Hands down, right now this is probably the most popular cologne on the market. Women love this fragrance. It's subtle masculine woodsy scent makes you automatically take a second sniff. I bought this cologne for my brother and my sister-in-law was all over him. I can understand it, I actually stopped a brotha on the bus, which I never do, but he smelled so good. If you want attention of the opposite sex, this is absolutely the cologne for men to get.

Issey Miyaki for Men
Already a fan of the women's scent, when I first smelled this, I took a long dragging sniff. They got this one right. One female acquaintance said she followed a man around a store that was wearing it. I can recall being in Marshall Field's one day and watching a couple argue over which was better, then men or the women's fragrance. Issey Miyaki has a subtle fruitiness to its scent, but on the right man, it is intoxicating.

Image by Nino Cerruti
I was in Carson Pirie Scott one Christmas holiday purchasing some cologne for my brother. I think he depends on me to keep him up-to-date with the hot scents. Anyway, they didn't have what I came for and I ended up coming across this fragrance and bought it immediately. A young guy probably around 19 or 20 came walking up and asked me what I thought he should buy. I suggested this since I was also purchasing it, and he sprayed it on himself. Five minutes later a group of girls came walking by, stopped and immediately asked what he was wearing. A minute later, another. He got stopped so much, that he bought the biggest bottle they had. Not to sound silly, but this fragrance smells especially good on black men. I am not the only woman to notice this either. So, if you want a nice fragrance that most men don't have, but will definitely get you noticed, this is it!

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior
OMG! What can I say about this cologne? I first became acquainted with it in college, and I must say I have never come across anything like it. My best friend Katie and I went store to store looking for it, not to buy for someone else, nope just so we could smell it whenever we felt like it. This is a classic, but boy is it powerful. This fragrance is like spanish fly to a lot of women, it is just something about it, you can't explain it, but you're drawn to it in a very strong way. Talk about a keeper, every man should just keep this in their collection for those days when they want to seduce some special lady, because it most likely will work!

Well I hope that these snippets of some popular men's fragrances have been helpful, and please feel free to drop a line if you agree or don't see your frangrance listed here.

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