Friday, January 23, 2009


This is the moment that I became completely unhinged. The first dance from the First Couple. All I have to say is I can't wait to meet and eventually marry the man that looks at me like that!

Colin Powell is COOL!

I saw this vid and had to post this. General Colin Powell went to the BET Inaugural Ball and rocked out with Wyclef Jean, even getting on the mic and singing "No Woman, No Cry," with him.

At Last....The Obama Era Begins!


For some reason, that doesn't sound foreign or weird. It's as if I should have been saying that all along. Yes, I know it has been almost a month since I have blogged, and I have pretty much fallen off the face of the online earth. But, I have been so caught up in the new first family, frankly I haven't cared about much else.

I am still overwhelmed. I thought I was over the moon when he won the election, this Inauguration takes the cake. I barely got any work done Tuesday. I couldn't stop watching the Inauguration festivities. My entire office was tucked away somewhere watching him take his oath. I had MSNBC streaming as I watched he and Michelle at the Inauguration luncheon and then the parade thereafter.

Doesn't it feel GREAT! America finally got it right and chose right. Yes, him being the first African-American president is monumental. But, more than that, we have a good leader! He's intelligent, articulate, funny, humble and has the most beautiful family ever. The first lady is smart, fashionable, an incredible mother and an incredible wife. The fact that they are black is a bonus!

I have been caught up in Obama-mania just like the rest of the world all week. Of course, all over Chicago, all you see is drinks named after him (Obamatinis), food named after him (the Obama burger), tours named after him (the Obama tour), flags and banners hung all over the city. So, needless to say, the spirit and rousing support is not lacking here. But what has captured me the most is the whole dynamic of the Obama family. Watching him interact with those cute little girls. Seeing how confident and poised they are. Looking at he and Michelle walk down Pennsylvania Avenue waving at the crowds while they hold hands. Watching them share intimate looks and touches as they share their first dance. It's just too much!

They are like a fairy tale. You watch them, and you almost have to pinch yourself and say this is not a movie! There will be no credits at the end, this is real life. I mean to watch mega stars like Denzel Washington, Dustin Hoffman, Steven Spielberg, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, etc, all be turned to awestruck fans was humbling. Obama is the biggest rock star ever! No one is more famous, more respected, more revered than him right now. And he just takes it all in stride. No boasting, no arrogance. He seems so content to just get a hug from Sasha and Malia and a kiss from Michelle. This isn't just what America needs. This is what the world needs right now. I am just thankful to God that I am here to see this, and to witness this and be a part of this time in history.

So to President Obama, First Lady Obama and the entire First Family. God Bless You, and thank you for choosing this responsibility and making America and the world a much better place!

It just doesn't get any better!

First Couple!

And so it begins...