Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Funk or F*ck!

Last night on TV One's Unsung, was the story of Sheila E. Let me just say, "I love her!" She is so badass, so talented and she broke so many barriers. It was nice to see her get her due for a change.

The episode was very revealing. She even got into her relationship with the Purple One. However, I got my life, when she talked about her first duet with Prince and how he got her to sing solo.

Next thing I know, that familiar baseline with the ridiculous 808 kicked in through my television, and I practically leapt off the couch. EROTIC CITY!!! I have loved this song since college. For some reason, this song was very popular in the late 90's early 00's when I was a college student. Well, since then I have kept this song in the repertoire.

They even discussed on Unsung, whether Prince actually cursed on the record. Did he say funk or f*ck? I hope it's the latter! That would be so Prince-like!

What do you think?