Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ha Ha Ha!!! The WTF Moment for the Summer...

Now I know reporters have to give you their TV voice and be professional, but this dude just did a complete 180 when unexpectedly, a fly flies into his mouth....LOL!

Whewwww, now that was funny!

The World Just Got a Little Less Funny...

That's what George Clooney said when he heard that comedian Bernie Mac passed. I instantly thought about the very first time I saw him. It was on Def Comedy Jam, and when he finished his set, that's when I realized that some people have to work hard at their craft to be funny and be successful in the business of comedy, but then others just have to be themselves. Whether you liked him or not, Bernie Mac was hilarious! He could make anybody laugh, and what made him so endearing is that he never appeared to be trying, he was just funny. It is still surreal to in peace Mac Man.

Who You Wit?