Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shoe Shine?

I will never proclaim to be the smartest person in the world. In fact, I do realize that we in fact learn something new daily. Yet, last night, I saw something I never thought I would see.

My friend Cathy and I went to Jokes and Notes for What Dat Do Wednesdays with Lil Rel. The evening was cool, the crowd last night wasn't that great, but Rel killed as usual. However, the real spectacle occurred when we left out of the club.

Just outside the club there is usually a shoe shine man looking to shine up your shoes for the weekend. Well we leave out last night, and he isn't shining someone's work shoes, dress shoes or gators. No, he is shining this dude's Air Jordan's! WTF! I was flabbergasted! I can honestly say I have never seen anything like that before. So, to commemorate this ghetto event, I took pictures with my camera phone.

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