Monday, May 26, 2008

Miscellaneous Randomness...Memorial Day Edition!

Okay, so I am happy to say that I finally washed my car this weekend. It was with much procrastination and pep talks that I finally got off my arse at 7:00 pm Saturday evening and washed it. Sad, yes I know, but it feels good to finally have a clean car. Now I am in the club...LOL!

My last random post, I said I was sick of Hillary Clinton, but at this point I just wish this chick would just move to Canada or something. Oh where to begin...let's see she put her foot and her ankle into her mouth on Saturday by explaining her reason for still hanging around in this race being due to RFK's assassination occurring in June of '68! What??? Everyone is trying to understand what that has to do with anything. Is it her way of saying June is the proper time to move on? Is it her subtle way of suggesting to her racist pundits and supporters that maybe Obama should be 86'd by then? Or was it her classless way of somehow reverting how incredibly ridiculous it is for her to still be in this race. Her campaign is $31 million dollars in debt, and if no one offers to cover the debt, it could cost American taxpayers....WTF!!!!!!!! Then, if that's not bad enough, this witch gets on stage in Puerto Rico on Sunday and blames her stupid RFK remark on the Obama campaign, apparently everyone being shocked and appalled by it is completely due to the Obama campaign taking it out of context.

Alright, it is time for the truth to come out. This chick is on ridalin! She has to be, because there is just no way a sane, intelligent woman would open her mouth and say the things that have been flying out of Hillary's mouth. At this point, I personally feel sorry for her supporters, especially all of the women whose dreams and hopes were to see her as the first woman to be president. In the words of the Three Stooges, "IT AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN!"

The Feds arrested 400 immigrants in Iowa. 400! That is unbelievable. I personally think it is harsh for that to occur. I mean these are men, women and children facing prison time for being illegal. But, what if they have been trying to become legalized? Clearly, prison is too harsh.

I decided to do some last minute grocery shopping for the holiday. Get some hot dogs and what not, and as I was making my way back home, I made a stop off South Chicago. For those not from the windy, it is a cross-street on the Southside that runs NE to SE. In the summertime, you may find a lot of bikers along South Chicago. But today, in the midst of our first big warm day, it looked more like Crenshaw in South Central, Los Angeles. Cars sitting on power truck tires were double-parked, females were sitting (crack-out) outside of windows and moonroofs. Men were leathered up on motorcycles and I felt so uncomfortably out of place, I was counting the minutes until I was away from the melee. It was something to see, but it looked like a drive-by waiting to happen. You know that feeling that you get when something bad is about to happen. I practically floored it to the crib.

I counted almost seven muffin tops today. Why do females with guts refuse to wear pants/skirts/shorts that fit their bellies. That too tight, too small look never worked! Speaking of style, I saw a guy on the bus Thursday with a busted high-top fade circa 1990. I didn't realize my mouth was open until it began to feel dry. He reminded me of this boy I graduated from grammar school with. His fade was always off, like his barber didn't realize the amount that should have been cut close and the amount that should remain on the crown of his head. It was even leaning a little bit, I had to blink and check my cell to make sure it was 2008.

For all of those who have family in the military or had them active at some point, I wish you a peaceful Memorial Day! I truly pray the safety of those still overseas, wherever they may be.

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