Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blah Blah Blah! Miscellaneous Randomness - 05/21/08

Okay, so I have been trying to wash my car for like a month...LOL! That is so sad to say, but either it rains or it is too cold to be at the car wash holding a sprayer. The funny thing is I wasted ten dollars by going to one of those drive-through joints only to realize I needed change to dry my car. I had no change and it was so crowded I didn't even bother trying to park the wet car and find the change machine, so I drove off hoping the wind would dry my car, but I was left with dry wet spots, and the freakin leaves have had a field day with my car. Why is this so hard? I think because I haven't had to do it in a while. I went three years without a car before this year, and prior to that, I always went to the car wash with a guy who would end up taking over and washing it himself...(TO DO: Find male friend to go to the car wash).

I am just wondering if the Celtics will win this series with Detroit. Although they got game one, the last two series, they didn't win one road game, if that continues, then this series will go seven games. Can you imagine having to play 21 games before you make it to the Finals???

The Chicago Bulls got the Number #1 draft pick in the NBA draft this year and I couldn't be happier. This year's draft won't be as good as last year, so those first ten picks or so are important. Not to mention, after the way they ejaculated away this past season, they needed some good news. Now all they need is a decent coach.

I was walking down the alley by my crib today on my way home from work. And as I was walking I saw a car approaching so I moved over to the left. Well the neighbors who live behind where I live, they have a big tree that spills over into the alley, and right when I reached it, a huge bumblebee came flying out of it. At the same time, some old dude in a beat up car comes slowly driving by with the window down talking about, "Hey baby!" Arrrggghhh! I am trying to keep from getting stung, and he is trying to holla...speaking of which. I have a bad history with bees. One time when my mom and I were going into Sears, a bee flew up my dress in the parking lot and stung me on my breast. By the time I got that bee away, I was standing in the parking lot in my slip clutching my left boob...LOL! Yeah, it's funny now, then I was not a happy camper.

Why the hell is Hillary Clinton still in the damn election??? I mean at this point I am just sick of her arse. I am sick of her talking about it's not over and pasting on that fake smile while she "donates" yet another several million dollars to her campaign. All I have to say is a real lady knows when to take a bow.

Yesterday, I went to Walmart with my mum, no I'm not English, I just like the way that sounds. Anyway, I went to purchase a new vacuum, and as we were getting in line, some dumb cashier wouldn't take us, because her girlfriend, who had gotten out of line, left her cart off to the side, had reappeared. In fact, she waited for her to come back and then gladly told my mother and I that we HAD to let her girl go first because she had been there before us, even though she left the line. I was livid. My mother went to get the manager. We ended up in the next line over from hers, and when the manager approached her, she flat-out lied on us. I yelled from where I was standing that she was lying, and we had words. I hate to get loud for any reason, but I can't stand when people do things they know are wrong and then try to act like it's your fault in the end. In fact, she can kiss the left cheek for her horrible customer service.

It's official, my kitty cats are spoiled! Rotten! They have completely taken over my apartment, and traipse around as if they own the joint. But, I love them to pieces, they are so cute.

I will be so glad when I get off of work on Friday. I pretty much like my job, but this week has been especially difficult because I have a project that I will be glad to say goodbye to.

Okay, that's enough randomness for today, wait...

The Chicago police finally arrested Drew Peterson. I mean come on, three mysteriously dead wives and he's walking around like nothing is wrong? If he was black, he would have been buried under the jail. These idiots are talking about seeing soft dirt in the back yard, that should have been checked before now, I can't take it!

Okay, this is enough for real!


A. B. said...

"...standing in the parking lot in my slip clutching my left boob..." I got a mental image of this, and I LIKE IT!!!


It is nice to see someone that has trains of thoughts like me.

Car wash tip, sounds like you need a nice handwax. I wax mine monthly, that is because I am anal. But now if I need a quick wash it takes no time to dry and if I have to use a drive thru touch-less only I can air dry it with great success.

Also check out the auto-spa in Timonium. My car is schedule for a facial (wash), massage (Vacuum)with a happy ending (Tire Shine)

Nubian said...

I am glad you can get a good mental image from that bee incident. I couldn't go to that Sears for years.

I took the day off tomorrow, and guess what? It's going to rain, but I will have to finally do it either Sunday or Monday when it warms up. That auto spa sounds nice, thanx for the tip.