Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Recap!

Okay, so Sunday was really, really nice. I'm talking 77 degrees and of course in Chicago, it was windy as hell. I felt like I was stuck in a Beyonce video as my hair blew all around my face. All I needed was some high heels and a Versace dress (not to mention her shape to go in the dress). We had dinner at my grandmother's house. It is so weird only having one grandma now, but I have definitely learned to cherish the moments I spend with my family.

Dinner was nice, the usual fanfare with my mother, little cousins, aunt and my brother and his wife, who were in route to spend the day at Great America - my brother is such a kid at heart.

Memorial Day!

I slept in without a care in the world. There is just something about a holiday being on a Monday that just warms me. I finally came out into the land of the living around 1:00, and my mother was on her way to the store to get charcoal! I went up to her apartment, and to her defense she had all of the meat cleaned and seasoned, but by then I half expected everything to be done. The highlight of my day was sharing the Thriller album with my little four year-old cousin Isaiah. We danced around my apartment and sang "Beat It" like we were in the video. Oh the joys of actually listening to good music with today's youth. I was so pleased. My other little cousin, Jonee and I played Blackjack, of which at nine, she is getting very good at.

At one point Isaiah and Jonee were playing around on the ottoman and I noticed something. I think he has a foot fetish! At four! Just little things he has done over the past couple of years, but mainly he seems fascinated with feet. So he wanted his turn on the ottoman so he could fall off and hit the floor hard (must be a boy thing). Well Jonee spent a minute too long on the ottoman and he decided to help her out and push her off. He grabbed her legs and began pushing. Jonee took her feet and began pushing back, yelling, "Smell them." Isaiah laughed and proceeded without hesitating to put her foot in his mouth. I about died. Jonee writhed off the ottoman, spasming from being grossed out, as Isaiah victoriously jumped on the ottoman laughing before falling off with a thud. I will keep a watch on that development. I have a male friend who has a foot fetish, and once I asked him when did it start and he responded at five. I thought that's impossible, but now I am not so sure.

Overall, my holiday was fun and relaxing and the weather was perfect. Memorial Day brought a whopping 83 degrees and breezy in Chicago.

Today....I woke up and padded to the television wondering what the temps would be. I figured it would be a bit cool in the morning, and maybe we would have a high of about 75. The weather lady on WGN news said the high would be 51. I changed the channel. CBS, ABC, and NBC all predicted a high of around 50 degrees. I was still in denial. I decided to open the window and see for myself. I opened up the window and a big gush of COLD air came blowing into my apartment. I quickly shut the window and with disdain, got ready for work. As soon as I stepped outside, my cape flew up in the air and cold air assailed me. Who in the hell left the gate open? What happened to my beautiful summer??? Less then twenty-four hours earlier, it was beach weather!

Well that's it for now. To all of the military men and women, I pray that God keeps you safe, and that you have enough warm memories and inner peace to sustain you!

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