Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay, so on my previous post, I posted the two new singles that Beyonce dropped on Friday. I was not a huge fan of both songs, but felt they were solid. Then yesterday, Beyonce had the nerve, I mean the absolute audacity to drop both videos on the same day. And just like that, I was sucked in. Both videos are HOT!!! Not to mention, the videos make you LOVE the songs. DAMMIT BEYONCE!

She is one of those people, as soon as you think, maybe she fell off, or needs to go on a two-year hiatus, she comes at you with something so good, you are surfing the net at work to check it out.


This was the song that I liked the least when I first heard it. I thought it sounded like a bootleg "Get Me Bodied". Then I saw the video, and even in its simplicity, it was fierce! First, let me say, her body is sick! I want to be in "Beyonce shape," because clearly, she has her own anatomy. The black and white was fitting, the dancers were killing it, and they were attractive and very complimentary. But, I think what floored me, was the video had my attention, from the first synth to the very end when she laughs.


Now, I did like this song when I heard it, however, I thought it was more feel-good pop than she normally does. The video, however, takes this song to a whole new level. It is, shall I say, DEEP! The message is clear and unlike, Ciara's "Like a Boy," it is not simply a change of wardrobe. Beyonce gutter punches men with this song, but not in a hateful way, but in a vulnerable, this is my side, kind of way. I will predict now, that this song will be a HUGE hit. Even bigger than Irreplaceable! What I love about it is just like "Single Ladies," she has the black and white theme. Yet, in this video she is very stripped down, not too much makeup, no lace front wigs or weave, and she looks great.

If nothing else, Beyonce constantly reinvents herself and she makes you feel something for her, be it love or hate.

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