Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Wanna Rock Witchu!

I had the privilege of seeing Janet Jackson on September 25, 2008 in Chicago, IL. This was before the illness, which we now know was migraine-induced vertigo. This was before all of the cancelled shows. In fact, the night could not have been more perfect. Outside of the fact, that we waited in a car line to get into the parking lot of Allstate Arena that trailed all the way onto I-90, the night was great.

Now let me say, I purchased my V.I.P. ticket months ago. In fact, it was a part of my annual tax return gift to myself. Although this year, the ticket was slightly more than my tax return. I even wondered afterward if the $250 I spent to sit in the gold section was worth it. IT WAS SOOOOOOO WORTH IT! We were so close we could actually touch her. Now, I can't imagine going to a concert and sitting up in the bleachers or nose bleeds. I have to tell you, it is not the same thing.

First up was L.L. Cool J.

LL was decent, not great, but definitely good. The strongest part of his set was in the middle, when he went into a steady stream of his hits. With lots of shots of his guns and plenty of lip-licking for us ladies. Yet, it was how he ended his set that kind of had me scratching my head. He ended it with a song that I imagine might serve as the outro on his new album. He started rapping, and walked off-stage still talking with everyone thinking he would come back out, but he didn't - to be honest it was kind of weird.

So, the cous-de-gras was Ms. Nasty. For a woman who claims to be 42, she looks freakin fantastic! She has the smallest waist I have ever seen on a woman, and in stark contrast one of the biggest booties for a waist that size. As soon as she came out, there were comments flying all over place. One woman sitting begind me said, "I want her ass so bad." Now I do realize that comment is a bit double-sided. Anywho, Janet unveiled every popular song from all of her albums, even the first two that nobody counts. This woman moved about the stage and danced for 2 1/2 hours. I was in awe of her. She was humble and graceful, and truly an icon!

She just doesn't stop...

More JJ

She is so fierce!!!


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