Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was perusing Huffington Post this evening when I came across the most disturbing story thus far in this election.

At a Palin rally on Saturday, a supporter, an older white male showed up with a monkey doll in his hand that wore an Obama bumper sticker around its head. He looked into a camera, laughing and waving the monkey as he stood in line to get into the rally. Even amidst, Obama supporters across the street, who began to shout, "Racist," he still raised the monkey and laughed.

I knew that race would eventually become an issue in this race, but it is still jarring to see it so blatantly today. Even in 2008, people still have the nerve to walk around carrying unrepentant notions of hate, and in this election, some have proudly exploited it.

I think what is even more despicable is the fact that the other people in the lines are smiling as if amused, and not one person said anything to him or even tried to stop it! God help us!

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