Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe-the-Plumber is Really Joe-Six-Pack!

One day after the final presidential debate, we have a star folks! Nope, this time it wasn't Barack Obama and consequently, it was not John McCain. Nope, it was Joe-the Plumber!

John McCain unleashed a litany of charges against Barack Obama's tax plan by saying that his plan would hurt Joe-the-Plumber by raising taxes on those who make more than $250K, and that if Joe bought his plumbing business, he would be penalized for being successful.

He brought up Joe-the-Plumber so much that I began to wonder if Joe was a part of his campaign. In fact, maybe he decided that Joe-the-Plumber should be his running mate instead of Sarah-the-Hockey-Mom! It was this constant bringing up of the plumber that gave him one of his worst moments of the night. Take a look!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ole Johnny Boy looked like he had pooped his pants when Barack said Joe's fine would be zero.

But that was yesterday, with technology forcing media and its counterparts to run 24/7, the researchers were relentless. Turns out Joe Wurzelbacher, who is better known as "Joe-the-Plumber," really ISN'T A PLUMBER! Yep, you read that right. Members of the National Plumbers Union checked him out on their site, which lists all registered and licensed plumbers in each state and good ole Joe wasn't listed. Turns out he is some regular guy, who may or may not work in the plumbing business who makes around $40K a year and who many believe was a pawn by the McCain campaign.

Video shows that he was in the neighborhood playing football with his son while Barack Obama was with local volunteers canvassing the neighborhood for votes. May I also note that he has never met McCain and it is very likely he never will. Afterall, Republicans don't usually go to regular middle-class areas canvassing for votes. Whatever the real case is of he and Obama's meeting, one thing is clear, Joe is most definitely not a plumber. If he wanted to buy a plumbing business, he may want to get licensed first, you know because it's a requirement. Nope, Joe is sitting at home with a six-pack trying to figure out how he wound up being the center of attention in the most historic presidential campaign ever. I believe he is also a member of the reverse-Anderson affect. It is my belief this self-prescribed northern non-Yankee will tell all of his buddies he's voting for McCain, I mean after all, McCain won't raise his taxes (yeah right). But I think Joe-Six-Pack will go into that voting booth, realizing that in order for him and the rest of his middle-class buddies to keep buying those six-packs, he may need to vote for the black guy.

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