Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Old Me is Better than the New Me...

That line was echoed from Drake on his groundbreaking mixtape, "So Far Gone". I believe the facetiousness of that line was to say, he hoped people wouldn't change on him as fame continued to claim him.

Well I'm calling Aubrey out. We didn't change, but you sure did! I somewhat gave him a pass on Thank Me Later, because it's his first album. Now, new tracks are leaking and it's all this 40-produced, melancholy, EMO, girl-why-can't-I-trust-you bullshit! Now let me be honest, Drake was asking that question on his mixtapes, but he did it with (forgive me for using this over-used word) swag! He had a hunger, a killer instinct on a track. He was a rapper, not this constantly emotional lava lounge singer he's turning into now!

I feel like he's turned into the "Can't Buy Me Love" dude, where he's the geek that gets a peek into the cool kids world, but now he can't handle it. He can't keep up the act. If all of those glorious mixtapes were an act, then he's a better actor than I gave him credit for. The best 16 he's done since So Far Gone, were the bars he laid on Kanye's "All of the Lights Remix"! Next thing I know, pictures of he and Rihanna kicking it in T Dot are popping up all over the place, and I realized that Drake is still at that age where he is attracted to destructive chicks. I like Rihanna's style, but it's no secret she's a maneater! Thus, we get songs like "Marvin's Room," and "Trust Issue's". How funny both have to do with the desperation of getting over/past the demons of a woman. He better take a page out of Chris Brown's book (Umm, not the violent one), and chuck up the deuces!

This is a slippery slope for me. I like that he doesn't come off completely misogynistic and whorish like most rappers. Yet, at the same time, he doesn't have to play the crying game either. He needs to find a happy medium. Balance. Hip-hop is already on shaky ground. Too many garbage rappers, with these okey doke, stereotypical raps. I feel like when Drake came along, people put hope in him that he would change the tide. However, there is still a lot of bad music out there, I just don't want him to be a contributor to it.

Listen to Trust Issues here.


Anonymous said...

Great post. In the end, Drake's still finding himself musically. He'll probably evolve even more and experiment more.

One of my boys once said to me that Drake's music is sometimes like Kanye-light. I didn't really get it at the time but I think he's right. Drake's recent releases have all been of that 808s-aura and also I respect getting out (read: off your chest) what you need to get out musically, I prefer his other style of music over this. He doesn't do it as well as Kanye, probably because he doesn't have the same ear for the music and like you said, he relies on 40 for that.

M.C. said...

I agree with your comment. It is very 808'ish, which is the only Ye joint I don't have. Had the bootleg before it droppped, previewed it and was ready to slit my wrist with a paper knife. So I never incorporated it into my music library. I hope this is a passing thing with Aubrey, he's so much better than this.