Monday, June 6, 2011

Rihanna Should be Saying: "Woman Down"

When Rihanna first blew up, three years ago with the success of Umbrella-ella-ella-eh! I told my friends then, "$10 bucks, Rihanna pulls a Lindsay Lohan before it's all said and done." Now my friends tried to play the role and pretend I was talking about drug and alcohol abuse. I was more specific. I said then, and I'm saying it now, Rihanna wants a girlfriend. She was to bump bodies with a chick for at least a little while, and she wants to do it openly.

So, on a recent concert stop, she pulls a fan out of the audience for a lap dance (isn't everyone doing that these days) and lo and behold, it's a girl. Now, I am sure, all of the straight men who purchased tickets to her concert, felt a bit slighted having to watch her slow wind all over another girl. Again, like I always say, "when people show you and tell you who they are - BELIEVE THEM!"

Sidenote: I love how she didn't take a chance and pull a sista up there. She already knows, white girls love to have lezzie moments.

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