Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Did Weiner Cheat?

Representative Anthony Weiner (D)-NY, finally admitted to twitpic'ing pictures of his..."weiner"! Now personally, I could care less. He's actually one of the good congressmen in Congress, but clearly he had a lapse in judgment.

Twitter was in a frenzy yesterday when the news broke and he gave his tearful apology in a press conference. Did he steal money? No. Did he lie about important legislation? No. Did he send the pictures to an intern or secretary in his office? No. So, for those reasons, I don't think he should resign. He said as much in the presser.

However, he also said, that he and his wife would work through this, and would not be separating in any way. So, I ask, did he cheat?

This is a sticky situation because he never met any of the recipients, he just sexted, sent pictures and talked a lot of proverbial lascivious shit over the Intraweb. I ask this question almost rhetorically, because I'm not married, so it would be easy for me to say, oh she'll be upset for a little while, but they can definitely get past it. Yet, when I take a moment and think about it. He broke his wife's trust. Now, if he's working late, or is up on the computer all night, she probably won't be able to help but wonder if he's being inappropriate. A lot of men came to his defense, claimed it was harmless. Then Weiner admitted today, to there being at least 7 different women he communicated with, and shared pictures with. Is that worse? Better?

From a personal standpoint, I think it's safe to ask yourself how you would feel if the shoe was on the other foot, in situations like this. If the story that broke had been that his wife was sending pictures of herself nude to different men on the Intraweb, she would have been called a "scarlet", and "hussy", "jezebel" and everything under the sun. No question, her faithfulness would be questioned. Even still the question remains, did she cheat?

I don't know if cheat is the right word, but there is a definite betrayal of some kind here. I imagine when you're married, the last thing you want is for your spouse to start intimiate, sexual conversations with another person, even if it is over the computer.

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