Thursday, July 7, 2011

King Henry!

So, as a subscriber to Phil Wade & Company's YouTube channel, I am often inundated with videos of absolute creative genius! Most people know him as the dude that can impersonate Trey Songz really well. However, this guy and his crew has more talent in their pinky toes than Trey has all together. No shade, it's just true.

So, my musical appetite was sated to the high heavens when I came across this video of Phil in the studio, vibing to get new tracks for the new mixtape. The beats that King Henry played for him were just...

Check it out!

The first beat, the second beat and the third one that Phil sang and spit over are SICK! Why can't this type of hip-hop soul fusion be more prevalent in music right now? It is sorely needed. No autotune, no basement sounding ISH (see Souljah Boy), just plain soulful goodness!


Anonymous said...

That first beat is sick. I need that joint!!! Third beat (aroudn 56 secs) is dope too. Fourth joint... EN FUEGO!

Man you got me googlin to download this dude's music lol. This shyt is FIRE!

I need to get this new mixtape if these beats are on it. Sheesh!

M.C. said...

I have gone back to this video too many times to count. Those beats are ridiculous! Yes, can't wait for the new mixtape. "King Henryyyy!"