Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Handicapped Vagina FALLOUT!

So, a couple of weeks ago, the Internet was all BEFUDDLED over a video on YouTube from user: "CripplewithSwag" over her "My Vagina Ain't Handicapped" video. She appears to be a handicapped girl, who decided to rap about how although she's crippled, her vagina isn't....


So a few weeks later, fellow YouTube user: "Brian Bee" decided to address the video with his Coochieness character, which was quite funny by the way...

Now some people were feeling some type of way regarding Coochieness addressing someone who is crippled. Although, she did put herself out there with the whole vagina ain't handicapped flow. (She even thanked Based God...I can't!)

Well apparently, CrippleWithSwag didn't appreciate the Coochieness video and responded.

She responded with another rap!

What she didn't realize is that Brian is OUT THERE! He took it personally, and made a video response. No rap. I dare you not to laugh! I DARE YOU!

When he said, "I have never taken your parking space..." *DIED ALL OVER*

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