Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Working Girl!

So, I believe this is my first blog for 2010! I just have to shake my head at that statement, because I have truly treated this blog like a motherless child this year. However, that is a testament to how my year has been going thus far. I have been so busy, I have gone days without seeing my mother and we live in the same building! WORK! WORK! WORK! It has been non-stop since January. Don't get me wrong. I am extremely grateful to be a part of the workforce, and overall, I like what I do. It's just now, I am falling into the abyss of JUST WORK. Absolutely no play, no downtime, hardly any rest, and it's starting to show.

I had yet another rift with another attorney this week. He's...eccentric, which is basically just a nice way of saying a complete weirdo. He's been practicing for over 20 years, still hasn't made partner, and has absolutely no idea how to prepare for a trial. So here I come to save the day, except, like most attorneys with his tenure, they are absolutely resistant to anything logical or common sense. I have never met so many nonsensical people in my life. If this wasn't a reminder to drag my collective ass back to law school, I don't know what it is.

Now, I feel like I'm caught in a bidding war. Two attorneys in two separate groups, both going to trial, and they don't want to share. I have been juggling trial exhibits, document productions and tasks like Whodini, except I am fresh out of tricks, magic, and the fairy dust is gone. I swear, you would think my last name was Poppins, people expect you to be "ON" all the time. I have to know EVERYTHING, do EVERYTHING and somehow do it efficiently in the least amount of time. As much as I hate when Science tries to constantly mess with what God has a patent on, I wish I could clone myself. The sad part is, if I could, my clone would be at work RIGHT NOW!

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