Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So I received some pics a few weeks ago of the stills of Trey Songz' video for his sexy hit "I Invented Sex". At the time, I thought the pics were nice, but wasn't super excited, I first heard this song months ago, featuring Drake and liked it then. Then today, he premiered the video and WOW!!!!!!

I had to wipe my brow. Twitter is completely abuzz with females near falling out, heart palpitations, shortness of breath and everything else under the sun. I have to admit, he got it right this time. He has a beautiful sista as his leading lady, not to mention, the chemistry is undeniable. The video may be a bit too "grown" to be shown during the day, which may cause some people to wish for those days of BET Uncut! Either way, good job Trey!

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Don said...

Yeah I've heard this video walked close to the edge and looked over the cliff. I still haven't sat and watched.