Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Summer Blog Random List

Okay so that title was a bit non-creative, but it's 12:48 am and that's good enough for me.
So, it was like 70 degrees today, which for a summer/fall person such as myself was okay, but since I was born in this month, I tend to like summer.
This week at work was a bit eventful, you know the usual corporate drama.
As I get older, I realize that you have less friends, not because you're losing friends, but rather because you realize some friends are really acquaintances.
My cats are the bomb! I watch them sleep peacefully without a care in the world and I envy that kind of carefree-ness (yeah I know that's not a word).
I have also realized that I liked the Internet better before all of these social networking sites. Anonymity is where it's at.
I love anonymity, I think that's why I prefer working behind the scenes, no need for the limelight here.
Of course, that leads me to the fact that it's been a decade since I've sang in front of an audience. I used to LOVE singing!
Creative outlets are so important when you have to use so much time and energy on work.
I really need to get my act together and go back to law school.
I listened to "Lougin" by LL Cool J and Total - I love the part in the very beginning when Kesha says, "Mmmm, go head daddy!"
Does that make me a freak? LOL!
I know some people in my past would scream out YES, whatever!
Why is there someone begging on like EVERY corner in downtown Chicago? I love to give, but damn, we are in a recession.
I don't like tv anymore. Too many reality shows, too much coonery, and I realize that my television provides background noise for other activities.
I constantly think about the all the time.
I even think about my future children. How scary is that? I am seriously trying to discipline myself and make necessary lifestyle changes so that when I have kids, I won't pass on bad habits. (Uhh, Mary, how about you get a man first)
My grandmother called me smart and beautiful today, and it brought tears to my eyes.
It's so nice to be genuinely complimented.
I am an incredible woman, whoever I marry will be lucky and blessed indeed. I hope that doesn't sound vain, but it's true.
I miss talking on the phone all night, I did that with my ex.
I wish I could find my putting iron (hope I'm saying that right), I have a putting set and I miss playing with it.
FACT#: I used to have the biggest crush on Grant Hill. I had his gym shoes, posters, book - everything.
I love argyle.
I also love plaid.
Yes, I'm a geek.
I love the line in Little Brother's "The Yo-Yo" remix when Phonte says, "Man, shit, I'm bout to kick some Trick Daddy next poetry night, like my black queeeenn, don't no nann nigaa!"
I listen to music EV-ER-Y-DAY! (Like Dre in Brown Sugar)
I probably listen to hip-hop 55% of the time.
And no, that doesn't include Soulja Boy or Gucci Mane or any of the myriad other minstrel show rappers.
I also listen to R&B (old-school), classical, alternative, rock, gospel and jazz.
Yeah, I be that eclectic!
Okay, so that was corny, but it is true.
I have these weird dreams about my old house. Funny how I couldn't wait to get out that bish, and it pops up in my subconscious.
I can't buy ground beef from the store. Haven't done that since...ever!
I don't like Milk, but I love some cereal, so I freeze skim milk.
God, help my future husband, he is going to be like WTF at some of my habits.
I adore Bad Habits by Maxwell, what a sexy song.
I have at least four books that are unfinished. I wish I had the time to just write.
I need to take up piano again, you know get my Alicia Keys on...
I daydream at least 30% of each day.
I hear songs all of the time, sometimes before they hit the radio/Internet. Been that way since I was a child - I know, weird right?
I heard "Fallen" by Alicia Keys at least a year before her album dropped.
Makes me wonder if I should have taken a music route.
CONFESSION#: I got my toes sucked outside of Secrets nightclub (LOL, shout out to Dee).
I would explain that confession above, but it's kind of a long story.
I found out I love Moscato this summer.
"Lay your head on my pillow, if you can be yourself. No one has to know what you were feeling, no one but me and you." - Alicia Keys Diary
I am on an A Keys hit tonight.
I want to get tickets to see Maxwell, Common and Chrisette Michelle, but my bourgeois arse wants like front row, or at least really great floor level seats.
When I went to Jamaica I was a ROCKSTAR! It was lovely.

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