Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shoe Fetish - Part Deux!

So, to quell my shoe fetish, I like to take a look at the season's hottest looks. This Spring, Manolo Blahnik has shoes offering daring buckles, patchworks of color, metallics and even military print. They all somehow work, and with the right outfit could be a sure winner.


Fendi offers two of my favorite looks this spring. A bold red velvet show with a bow that would compliment an after-five or even a casual look. And the white slingbacks are just sick!


Christian Louboutin, my red sole favorite has the never gets old platform pump in spring colors such as Lavendar, and also offers a mirrored pump in colors such as magenta. Two looks that will definitely hit some red carpets this year.


Prada gives us two warm looks for this spring, in browns and tans that can compliment just about anything. The cap-toe pump will be a fasion favorite, as well as the studded slingback.


Finally, Dolce & Gabana and Yves Saint Laurent offer two looks that will work well into the summer. D&G's t-strap pump has soft colors and a tailored toe. YSL's crimson satin mary-jane is just classic and exquisite enough to make any girl pull out that credit card to add it to her permanent collection.




T.C. said...

i can't even believe imma say this (especially since i am not a big fan) but those Fendi's are FIERCE...i want them and the CLs

M.C. said...

Those Fendi's are the business!