Sunday, February 1, 2009

Miscellaneous Randomness - Superbowl Edition!

So today was the Superbowl. YES! Superbowl Sunday, and it brought with it all of the excitement and drama that you look for in the final football game of the season. For two weeks, I kept getting that question regarding my pick for the big game. I could not give one, because quite frankly I always thought it would be a very close game. I was RIGHT! Not only did this thing go down to the fourth quarter, there were lead changes in the final three minutes of the game, with the game literally going down to the last 15 seconds. It was phenomenal. In the end, the Steelers came up the victor, but I must tip a hat to the Arizona Cardinals. They played a hell of a game. Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald also did not disappoint, but in the end, it was that amazing catch by Santonio Holmes that sealed the fate for the champs!

As an aside: It was overwhelming to see Jennifer Hudson sing the national anthem. She looked beautiful and she sang her face off. I see nothing but continued greatness for my fellow Chicagoan! )Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Well, as I have stated on previous posts, it is cold as a snowman's azz in Chicago, although it is starting to warm up. To think I was happy that it was in the upper 30's this weekend. However, I think it is a consensus, that most Chicagoans can deal with it being cold, it's all of this damn snow that makes it unbearable sometimes. And we have plenty of it, as seen by the pics from in front of my house. I am praying for some more warm weather to melt this snow - well a girl can hope!

The Bulls go on a west coast trip twice a year. They started the season off with a dismal 1-6 road trip record, and ended it in horrible fashion by losing to the Thunder. However, a few months later, and a few players healthier and all of a sudden they look like a team that actually has talent and doesn't want to become the Detroit Lions of the NBA. With rookie phenom Derrick Rose at the helm, who knows, they may even have a chance to make the playoffs. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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