Monday, March 17, 2008

What Dat Do Wednesdays!!!

I am privileged to live in Chicago, IL, a city with a host of incredible comedians. One of the hottest up and coming comedians is "Lil Rel". His DVD's sell out with the quickness. He shut down Diddy's Bad Boys of Comedy and TV1's Who Got Jokes. My friends and I go to Jokes and Notes comedy club on Wednesday nights to see Lil Rel and a host of other comedians that will have you gasping-for-air laughing.

If you are ever in Chitown on a Wednesday or Sunday evening, please check out Lil Rel and company at the Jokes and Notes Comedy Club on 46th & King Drive. It is $5 on Wednesday with a two drink minimum, and $10 on Sunday. The crowd is of course the young urban professional, with a chickenhead or two thrown in, but you can't beat the laughs. Personally, I think this is the best kept secret in town. Jokes and Notes, being the only black-owned comedy club in town has to compete with places like Riddles and Zanies, their mostly-white competitors downtown and in the suburbs, but Jokes and Notes has quickly become the most sought-after spot to try out new material. Comedians of all races, even celeb comedians (DeRay, Monique, Sommore, George Wilborn, etc.) come through regularly.

I have decided to post a few clips of the fun we have on Wednesday nights. I have blogged about Lil Rel before, he is working on a cartoon, so keep your fingers crossed, I think it will be up there with the Boondocks. Enjoy!

In the second vid, that bit about the lounges is soooo true! I could not stop laughing at that one!

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