Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hey Blogger!

Since this is my inaugural blog for blogger courtesy of Google, I am inclined to keep it real. I have a blog on My Space and Yahoo, but have fallen off a bit on both so I figured I would start anew on here, and hopefully this will be a better marriage.

So, to start let me give some sort of introduction of myself. I am a young urban professional from Chicago, IL. I am a child of the 80's so I have a somewhat old school perspective on things. Being a beneficiary of the best years of hip hop: 1993-1998, I am a bit dissatisfied with the commercial rap that has taken over the airwaves of present day. I honestly feel sorry for these kids today who thinks the world starts and stops with Souljah Boy! That is clearly tragic. So, in my own way I try to school the youth by giving them the gifts I received - good music. Case in point, my little cousins (age 3 and 9) were all ecstatic over High School Musical, and I was duped into watching it with them. The storyline was cute, but the music left a little something to be desired, and for this to be a musical, I found this a bit disturbing. So, being that it was summer, and they wanted their big cousin to take out the kiddie pool for them to play in, I bargained with them. I would take out the pool, if they watched a movie with me first.

They were so excited, jumped up and down and popped the popcorn. We sat and I shared with them, The Wiz. They sat transfixed, watched the whole movie, and even got up and danced around at times. The following week, before they uttered anything about the pool, they asked to watch The Wiz. I couldn't have been prouder. I digress.

I am also a BIG SPORTS FAN! Now, in case you were wondering, no it's not cheer leading that I am huge fan of, although I do like to watch championship cheer leading. My first love is basketball, college and pro and I probably know more about it than the average guy. I also love football, golf, tennis and baseball. I am serious about it. I have had men completely judge me for it, as if somehow I am less of a woman for being a big sports fan. It is so disappointing. But I am no guy, in fact, I have often done my nails or feet while I watch the game.

I love to cook. I think at times I am addicted to the Food Network. I love Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Giada DeLaurentis and of course Emeril. I like trying out new dishes, especially Italian specialties. I also like cooking things that most people would go to a restaurant to get. It's the challenge of it all, and it's fun.

I also love my family. Ma famille is very important to me, we are close-knit group, and I think that in a day where the black family is damn near becoming extinct, it is a good idea to hold on to one another and take care of each other. I grew up in the church, but don't really like chuuch folk, I'll discuss that in a later blog. I am a political enthusiast, love the history of my people and how that history affects present day politics.

Well, enough about me....on to the issues!

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