Monday, June 17, 2013

Sorry Drake, but Breezy got you again!

So in the battle of the light-skinned R&B cats, it's no secret Drake and Chris Brown have been feuding. Whether we are hearing about them throwing bottles with broken glass flying at Tony Parker in the club, to them dissing each other on wax, it's safe to say, these two don't like each other.

Last year, Drake announced he was going to do an entire duet album with Aaliyah. This got mixed reviews, as many R&B fans, and Aaliyah faithfuls wondered how this could happen considering she died twelve years ago. Then Drake released a track with her vocals, and it was met with lukewarm reviews. He also received scathing criticism from both Timbaland, whom Aaliyah often had produce her projects, to her family. Her brother Rashad, publicly spoke out on Twitter saying that Drake had not reached out to anyone in the Houghton family. He also noted that he found it disrespectful for Drake to continue with the project, having received no inside support.

From that moment on Drizzy went on a very weird, stalker-ish journey of posting songs with Aaliyah samples. He had her tattooed on his back, and he stayed referring to her in numerous interviews, as if they were star-crossed lovers and it's well-known, they never met.

So, over the weekend, playing off of the hype of his highly anticipated album, X. Chris Brown dropped the single and video for the track, "Don't Think They Know". My stomach turned as soon as I saw that it was featuring Aaliyah. Here we go again. But dare I say, the track isn't bad. In fact, I could totally see this song, getting lots of airplay and charting well. And, it appears Chris is using this song to bring unity to the blood/crips never-ending saga in Los Angeles. Check it out!

Breezy definitely trumped Drizzy on this one. It looks like Drake will have to go back to his Dark room and listen to some more Aaliyah records, because this one Breezy track trumps all of the emo songs he tried to get people to like last year. It's not even close. Like Aaliyah sang, "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again." Drake will have to take those words to heart.

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