Monday, April 23, 2012


Every once in a while, I discover something new on YouTube that is absolutely HILARIOUS! Thanks to my boy Steph on Twitter, I came across this little gem over the weekend. I hope these guys make it to television!

They pretty much summed up everything I have felt about rap battles over the past decade. How silly and unimaginative (hope that's a word) they've become. There are now four parts to this parody, and the last one has a surprise guest!

The Original Rap Battle Parody (Supa Hot v. B-Bone)

The Rap Battle Parody - Part 2 (Supa Hot v. Mute Spittah) <--this one was on all kinds of ignorant levels but boy was it funny!

The Rap Battle Parody - Part 3 (Supa Hot/Mute Spittah v. Chunk Dirty)

The Rap Battle Parody - Part 4 (Supa Hot v. Tremendous Repeat) - Can't believe they got such a big name in this one!

"But I am NOT a rapper!"

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