Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Two Favorite Videos Right Now!

So in the past week, two videos that I have come to love have dropped.

First up is my boy Drizzy Drake! I'm not going to lie, when I first heard his second single, "Find Your Your," and I knew that Kanye produced this track. I thought, "this sounds like a leftover track from 808's & Heartbreak. It made me kind of unsure about this one. Drake's voice obviously sounds better than Kanye's, but the whole "hey, hey, hey's," he repeats through the song, the melody and beat is very 808'ish. To be honest, I kind of went on a "Is Kanye trying to sabotage Drake" tirade. However, the video made me change my mind about the song.

I like the fact that it was shot by Anthony Mandler.
I like that it was shot in Jamaica mon!
I like the plot/storyline in the video.
I also like the underlying theme of Finding Your Love even if it kills you! Deep, but interesting concept.

Today, Alicia Keys dropped her long-awaited video for the best song on her Elements of Freedom album, which also happens to be written by Drake, co-produced by Drizzy and 40, "Unthinkable"! I had this song on repeat even before her album dropped. As 40 usual does with some of his songs, (e.g., Successful) the beat for this song is haunting. You want to hear it again and again. Drake smashed the lyrics and Alicia delivered it as only she can.

What I love about A. Keys vid, is how they were able to push the issue of interracial dating through like 7 decades. I mean it was eye-opening to watch that scenario play out from the 50's to the present day. Kind of makes you think about why it's still taboo to date outside of your race. The song fit that theme perfectly.

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