Monday, May 3, 2010

The Best Episode of the Cleveland Show This Season!

So, of course, I missed the Cleveland Show yesterday because sleep finally caught me when I made it home from church. But, I checked it out on Hulu and it did not disappoint. This episode featured Kanye West and Taraji Henson.

The relationship between Cleveland Jr. and the cute-yet-sadistic little Rollo has become my new guilty pleasure. I just love these two. In this episode, Rollo attempts to help Cleveland Jr. obtain the object of his affection, only to end up wanting her for himself. Defeated that she only sees him as a little kid, Cleveland Jr. runs into a problem when he is faced with her not-ready-to-be-her-ex, Kenny West. The local, but famous school rapper, Kenny West (played by Kanye). The best part is when these two face off in a rap battle at a school party.

Check it out...

I heard that Kanye's character will be back for future episodes, I can't wait!

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