Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spectacular SEX!

Okay, so a few years back, we saw a trio of girls who some touted as a possible next TLC. To no avail, it didn't happen.

So then these girls, joined forces with the oh-so-talented-Disney-star Raven Symone and formed "The Cheetah Girls"! They went on to do a couple of albums, movies and tours. The Disney tweens LOVED them.

Since then, the girls have taken quite a few twists and turns. But most of them have pretty much stayed on track with what they originally were. Well, except for Naturi Naughton who was originally in the group before they branched out to the Cheetah Girls. As we all know, she eventually played the scathing Lil Kim role in the movie Notorious. Well, Kiely Williams, who was also a founding member, must have taken notes, because sista girl released a video this week for a song called "Spectacular Sex," in which she sings about having a one night stand after getting drunk and meeting a guy at a party.

She further gets the point of the song across in her video....

The song would probably be a banger if the singer was Naturi or Britney Spears or even Kelis. But coming from her, it was shocking to all of her Disney fans to say the least. Somehow, I get the feeling this song will become a strip club favorite. I hope this isn't mean, but I felt like Laura Charles watching this video, instead of watching the blond from the Last Dragon wearing lingerie and wearing roller skates, I was watching Kiely Williams. Interesting song, and an even more interesting video.

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