Friday, April 10, 2009

This FROCKING GUY! (The Keri Hilson Edition)

Okay, so a few weeks back, Keri Hilson releases the remix to her song, "Turnin Me On," and in the remix she appears to be dissing Beyonce and Ciara. Some of the language in the song, would leave ANYBODY to infer that she is most definitely talking about Beyonce and possibly even Ciara.

Now, I am no R&B peacemaker, however, I do believe in staying in one's place. This remix came out even before her album dropped, so it just seemed premature, not to mention ridiculous for her to be talking shyt! Either way, experience is the best teacher, and she will find out that in the industry, if you don't have the proverbial IT factor, it doesn't matter how many hot songs you write/produce, the spotlight isn't for everybody. Only time will tell.

So, I come across this video on YouTube of this Beyonce stan completely LOSING it about the diss. To say this mess is funny, is an understatement. Check it out!

This guy is a STAR!

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