Friday, April 17, 2009

Miscellaneous Randomness! The Mid-April Edition...

So here it is the middle of April and it is still cold outside. In fact, Sunday before last, which I believe was Palm Sunday, it was FREAKING SNOWING outside!!! I was incredulous to say the least. The irony that I live in Chicago and I am adverse to cold weather is not lost on me. This year though, the weather has been RI-DAM-DICULOUS! One day, it is a warm breezy seventy degrees and the very next, it is 35 and snowing outside like it is December. I'm officially over it already.

So lately, on the bus, I have found that my patience bar is at an all-time low. The Chicago Transit Authority has now gone environmental and for some months now have had Hybrid buses on the street. These large monstrous, yet environmental buses have "touch" back-doors. Yet, every single day someone gets their non-reading arse on the bus and stands there like an idiot at their stop as if the back doors are supposed to magically open on their own. Nevermind the fact that in BIG BOLD letters, it specifically says "PRESS HANDS HERE TO OPEN"! I mean seriously folks, a child could figure this out. It amazes me how everyday, people do the same dumb crap. Reading truly is fundamental.

So Da Bulls (in my Southside of Chicago Irish voice), are in the playoffs. YAY! However, they are playing Boston in the first round. Shall I plan the summer vacay now? Seriously though, I have a hunch that this series won't be the sweep that people think it will be. If my hunch is right, then Boston is in for quite the windy ride against the Chi!

On a political note, can you believe these uber-conservative Republicans throwing these (dare I say) TEABAGGING parties??? I mean I don't know if anyone else is oblivious to the double entendre here, but if we are dealing with idiots, they will be showing up to the party with an entirely different idea than protesting the raising of taxes. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall at one of those mix-ups...LOL! If we don't raise some taxes, then our great-great-great=great grandchildren will be still paying for our debt. Speaking of which, the Obama's paid almost 900K in taxes last year. GEEZ LOUISE! Talk about practicing what you preach.

Music News

I am still amped about the I AM tour coming to the States. Rumor has it that when the tour hits the U.S., Mrs. Carter will be touring with Mr. Carter! Can you imagine that? That freakin show will be sold out in like 5 minutes.


Yes, I am still on that Drake Mixtape. Right now, he is the only cat out there who is both rapping and singing well. No disrespect to Ye and Weezy, but they need to stick to that initial career of JUST rapping. Drake has an ill flow, with a Hova swagger, although he is killing Mr. Carter in the substance. Then he flips it, and will sing a la Joe/Kenny Latimor-ish and it kind of blows you away. This kid will be around for a while, I am just feeling his swag right now. A friend of mine couldn't get into him because she's not into light-skinneded (ugh) dudes...I will be so glad when black people stop being so color-struck. Truthfully what does complexion have to do with talent? And we say slavery is over with...

This whole Keri Hilson v. Beyonce, Ciara, Pussy Cat Dolls or whoever is just too ridiculous to really be addressed. Get on first. Get established first. Get platinum first. Achieve stadium status ON YOUR OWN FIRST! Now that, that is out of the way. Her album is nice, not awe-inspiring, but radio friendly, clean your house while listening to it kind of record.

I have also been blazing that N.E.R.D. "Seeing Sounds" records. If you don't have this record - go out and buy it, trust, it is such a worthy purchase! Gotta love those Star Trak boys! That Jada record review will be next.

Oceans 7

So, it is no secret, I am like addicted to YouTube. I need to cut back on watching it at work (yeah I know), but Jermaine Dupri has a channel on YouTube called Living the Life. Those who regularly watch it are called Lifers. What has become interesting is this Oceans Boy clique he has put together. The Oceans 7 are:
Jermaine Dupri - The General
Johnta Austin - Johnny Sinatra
Usher - The Light
Bryan Michael Cox - The Texas Ranger
Tyrone (JD's Asst.) - Intynational
Trey Songz - 007/11
Nelly - Moe(?)

These guys are typical men, they are truly an explicit male version of the View. The things they discuss are hilarious, crass at times, but definitely entertaining. Check them out.

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