Thursday, December 18, 2008

This "BLEEPING" Guy!

I really tried not to write anything about my soon-to-be-felon governor Rod Blagojevich. But yesterday morning, watching him on the news in full running gear, quoting Elvis before he took a 5-mile run, just incensed me.

This is what, we, the people of the State of Illinois get for electing the state's first Polish governor six years ago??? This is what we get for accepting the man with the funny name and the funny hair into our hearts and trusting him with a pretty important job? This is what I get for being enveloped into one of the most awkward political hugs of my life, when he paraded into my church six years ago running for governor and patting my fellow trustee board members on the back, all the while singing gospel hymns and promising to clean up state government?


What a bleeping joke!

No, I open the paper only to find out he is now selling Senate seats. Even going as far as trying to keep it for himself (as if he is qualified) all the while cussing like a sailor and parading around Springfield and Chicago like some mafia don. Umm, isn't that Mayor Daley's job? I digress.

The media had a field day with this. Because it involved the Senate seat vacated by President-elect and Chicago man, Barack Obama, the national media had a field day with this. I can't even get back and forth to work without a media frenzy combing the downtown, which was already stretched to the limit following PE Obama around. Then transcripts got released and complaints got filed and we found out that Blago called Obama a M*therf*cker like a zillion times, simply because all he would get was appreciation for possibly picking Obama favorite Valerie Jarrett.


You shouldn't expect extraneous payment for doing your damn job! You already have a salary, not to mention a bunch of shady real estate deals with now-felon Tony Rezko. So, why then would you bring it into a Senate appointment? Just bleeping dumb! However, the coup-de-gras was the mainstream media's forray into trying to name Jesse Jackson Jr. as Senate Candidate #5, which in the complaint was listed as someone who offered to pay $500K for the seat.

Yet, in a zippy and unexpected twist, Jr. appears to be a possible FBI informant that they have been working with for at least the past two years. Sorry FAUX News, find another negro to pen this controversy on since you clearly can't pin it on Obama. We all learned how Blago felt about Obama, not even five minutes into the complaint.

So, as we embark upon another holiday season, we also embark upon another Illinois gubernatorial scandal. WOW! The land of Lincoln has also turned into the land of the stinkin scandals.

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