Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lies to Sell Records???

So, I am perusing LoveBScott.com and I come across a story where apparently, Rihanna's publicist, Jonathan Hay, began fabricating rumors about Rihanna and Jay-Z when MTV first started playing her breakout single, "Pon De Replay".

Hay was introduced to Rihanna via the producer of Replay, Vada Nobles. Nobles who became infamous for the very public lawsuit with Lauryn Hill regarding her breakout album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. So, Hay immediately planted people to hit message boards and chat rooms spreading rumors that there was some romantic dealings between Jay and Rihanna because Jay was dating the super-famous Beyonce, and nothing sells like gossip. This propelled television networks to run stories on her, as well as radio stations to play her. So, in essence, Rihanna has Beyonce to thank for her career.

"Jonathan Hay: I feel awful but, yes, I leaked some of those stories. Looking back, I am ashamed of that; there was zero integrity in that maneuver. But this is entertainment and I wanted to obtain publicity - so I came up with some crazy stories and it worked. Rihanna is one of the biggest stars in the world now, and look at how she stormed into the business! Not to take anything from her - she is a great artist - but every artist needs a launching pad and there is nothing better than a good scandal to get the public’s attention. (Laughing)"

All I can say is that this is lame as hell. And umm Jonathan, it didn't quite work as well as you would like. Although Rihanna has definitely gotten the "crossover" crowd, she still gets upstaged by Beyonce anytime they have to share the same stage. And, Bee and Jay got hitched, so clearly they didn't fall for it. Whatever happened to people selling records because they have the talent to do so???

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