Tuesday, March 24, 2009

De Ja Vu - the Justin Timberlake Edition!

Okay, so it is no secret, I haven't really been a fan of JT since the whole '04 Superbowl incident. Yes, I believe that he LEFT JANET HANGIN! And so should anyone else, who watched that tomfoolery take place, and middle American society basically have an aneurysm from it. The image of him holding three pieces of material from Janet's outfit is embedded in the dome.

Fast forward to 2009. Ciara is desperately trying to promote her upcoming album, so after basically two singles that flopped, she decides to drop the cut she has with JT. It has been about two, maybe even three years since she dropped her last album. Amid rumors of her alleged relationship with 50 Cent, a very revealing spread in Vibe Magazine and a notorious haul to reinvent herself, in "Love, Sex and Magic," her sexuality is almost overkill.

At first glance/listen, the song is decent. A nice radio-friendly track that I am sure will get lots of play on the dance stations. Whether or not the urban market will grab a hold of this remains to be seen. I kind of feel for Ciara, because it is hard to make that girl to a woman jump, and let's face it, prior to this year, her fan base was greatly the 6-16 market. Now she is trying to appeal to grown folks. The problem is that while us, grown folk love a nice video and song on the radio, it's the a great live performance that will make us loyal. Considering that I have seen Ciara perform live quite a few times, and all of them were bad at best, I am not so sure, she will be able to grab the adult market.

But what struck me in this video was the parallel to Janet Jackson. She has made no secret about her constant Janet-inspired style. Although, this video almost looks like a Beyonce knockoff with the shades and the bodysuit and stockings. But watching her play-by-play with Timberlake, the Superbowl came crashing back to me. Their chemistry is forced. The choreography is always good, but at times Ci Ci comes off a little masculine. While the song is solid and the video is entertaining, I don't know if America, especially the urban market can deal with JT schmoozing another sista in the industry with blatant sexual interest in a song. Time will tell.

I wonder what Jessica Biel thinks of the vid?

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