Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hip-Hop ROCKS!!!

The Glastonbury Festival is a 38 year-old festival with music, mostly rock that was founded by Michael Eavis. It first took place just one day after Jimi Hendrix died on Eavis' farm, where attendees paid one lire and got a glass of free milk from the farm's cows. Over the years, this festival has played host to acts such as Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor, Joe Cocker, Oasis, Radiohead and Sting. It is this rock and blues sort of spiritual hippy concert that can only be compared to Woodstock, except Glastonbury occurs every year.

Through the years, the numbers have gone from 3,500 people to well over 100,000. The ticket sales usually fund big charities and attendees have made mud a second home. While the outdoor concert normally takes place in June, it is usually cool and rainy in England at this time. Last year's festival featured The Arctic Monkeys headlining the Pyramid Stage on Friday night and The Who rocked as the closing band on Sunday. Other acts included Bjork, Shirley Bassey, Iggy Pop, CSS, The Go Team, Amy Winehouse, MIA, Kate Nash, Billy Bragg, Corinne Bailey Rae, Damian Marley, Lily Allen and The Chemical Brothers. There was an attendance of 153,000. Tickets were £145 which included a program and the tickets sold out in one hour and forty-five minutes. However, it rained like the heavens were opening up and the mud was so bad, people came in plastic bags.

So fast forward to June 2008 - it is just a week before the festival and 137,000 tickets have been sold with about 3,000 left unsold. Highly unusual for the festival and some critics believe it is because American rapper Jay-Z is headlining the pyramid on Saturday. In fact Noel Gallagher from the band, Oasis, said he felt having a hip-hopper headline took away from the spirit of the festival. So amid much criticism and days of speculation, HOV hit the stage.....



CHITOWN STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lupe put his foot in this performance, OMG! And they had the nerve, the actual audacity to question whether or not hip-hop had a place at Glastonbury??? WHAT? Oasis doesn't have anything on either one of these performances. This is the kind of thing, that affirms why I love hip-hop so much. They made freggin history. I love how when they panned to the audience, those British kids knew like every word. So to Noel Gallagher, breathe in and breathe out, in fact inhale it real good, that smell is called REAL HIP-HOP, and in case you were wondering, it's taking OVER!

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